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At ESI Consulting Division, we work closely with business clients to use market media and business solutions successfully. Like with any path to success, there is no one action which leads to success. We believe in laying the groundwork, a platform, for successful touchdown of the envisioned goal when the time comes. 

Awareness and development of brand identity, consistent production, persistent interaction, customer relations enrichment, and integration of processes that any business can have the keys and the vehicle to mint themselves and their product in the lives of their customers. All of these steps make up a functional formula and method to strategizing and approaching the hierarchy of needs every business has. Success requires strategy, implementation, operation, evaluation, and growth development. 

Why Choose Us

With each of our Consulting Packages, clients are able to choose the level of partnership and scope of service based on their needs and goals. When beginning to work with ESI, clients will first have Onboarding Consultation which will initiate the process and select a package. From basic services, to long term partnership and development, each package offers a unique set of tools and outcomes. Each advanced package contains the nested features of the lower tier packages, guaranteeing our Partnered and Managed customers the broadest range of features.

Consultation – Single or multiple sessions

    1. Brand Marketability Evaluation
    2. Business Plan and Scaling Solutions
    3. Access to the Athenaeum Digital Learning Center

With our Consultation Package, Clients will schedule a series of sessions with our Consulting Division. These sessions will be to build initial quotes, goals, and package design, as well as to deepen the relationship between our team and the client. The relationship between ESI and our clients is key to successful implementation of our services and enables us to deliver unique solutions. 

Additionally, access to the Athenaeum DLC and other relevant resources will be given to the client. Certain content requires learning for all of our clients, while ultimately we believe that our clients will get the most out of our service by utilizing all offered content.  

Service – 30 Days

    1. Website design
    2. Social Marketing Platform set up
    3. Brand and logo development
    4. Market research

The Service Package is for businesses who have a clear vision for executing their business and marketing strategies, but lack resources to implement key components. This includes in-house web design, graphic media and marketing content creation, and research on the latest solutions, trends, and data regarding your product.

Additionally, our team will do initial setup and content refinement for social marketing and media platforms. Currently our team supports: FB, IG, and Google set ups. 

Upon completion of the Service Package, clients will walk away with a comprehensive web presence, streamlined branding, and equipped with educational and information material.

Partnered (Recommended) – 90 Days

    1. Athenaeum DLC Premium Content
    2. Comprehensive Marketing platform design & set up
    3. Curated Content Campaigns
    4. Dynamic solution implementation

With the Partnered Package, clients receive the most streamlined package for delivery of ESI services. This package is optimally designed for the most success for our clients. Our team will implement comprehensive design of all web platforms, social marketing platforms, branding, and customer engagement training. After initial setup, our team will partner with clients for segments of 90 days to launch curated content campaigns to build a following, impact social media algorithms, and implement strategies for sustained marketing success. 

Managed – 6 months

    1. Agent assignment
    2. Evaluation cycles
    3. Performance review
    4. Adaptive Solutions

The Managed Package is for businesses who have completed the Partnered Package and have decided to take their affiliation with ESI to the next level. This package will outline a dedicated plan for long-term management of the business solutions and social marketing presence that has been built for the client. 

An ESI Agent will be assigned to the client. The Agent will manage all aspects of the project, maintain client relations, and act as a liaison between the ESI Development Division and the client.

Because the duration of the package is 6 months, this will allow for Evaluation Cycles to implement strategies and campaigns, produce results, and gather feedback. This data will then be examined to determine the next steps.

Detail oriented performance review with the client will take place to give thorough analysis of all endeavors. This brings everything full circle and continues to keep clients engaged with their project and partnership with ESI.


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