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Cryptography Solutions

At ESI Cryptography Division, we work closely with clients to use advances in cryptography technology solutions successfully. Like with any path to success, there is no one action which leads to success. We believe in laying the groundwork, a platform, for successful touchdown of the envisioned goal when the time comes. Cryptography helps protect your data, provides ways to detect whether data has been modified, and helps provide a secure means of communication over otherwise nonsecure channels. Awareness and development of brand identity, consistent production, persistent interaction, customer relations enrichment, and integration of processes that any business can have the keys and the vehicle to mint themselves and their product in the lives of their customers. Using the evolving field of blockchain technology and cryptography can provide scalable and long term advances in this minting process.

With each client, our team meets to discuss cryptographic services and build an understanding of the spirit behind the project for crypto use. In these sessions, our team is able to strategize solutions and vision cast with our clients to establish goals and create a roadmap.

Mint Your Language, Identity, Foundation, Energy (M.Y.L.I.F.E.)

  • To use our cryptography services or meet us with you will be routed to the Consulting Division first before meeting with the Cryptography Division.
  • Once the meeting is finished, you would also gain basic access to the Athenaeum DLC.

Athenaeum Digital Learning Center

The Athenaeum DLC is an online database to be used as a resource by our customers, for employee training, and for independent individuals to access.  Subscribers to the DLC will be able to utilize this service in order to broaden their understanding of ESI, as well as its software. But most importantly, the DLC is an educational tool for all of our clients in the form of seminars, workshops articles, and training courses. This content will enable users to gain an understanding of the nature of business growth, our services, and how to execute successful brand marketing.

Certain content on the Athenaeum is free for all users. This includes informational material about ESI and the Empyrean Source, entry level material on blockchain and affiliate technologies, and brief marketing material. 

With the Athenaeum DLC Premium access, which is offered to Partnered and Managed customers, clients contractually purchase NFT materials and courses that train clients thoroughly on how to utilize ESI’s resources, learn Social Marketing and Retention Tactics (SMART), and grow a customer following for your business. Access to Athenaeum DLC Premium content is granted via purchase of the NFT pass. This allows clients to continue to access the DLC and premium content for as long as the client retains their pass.


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